Dental Education

Dental Education

Dental Education

At Tiny Teeth of Dublin, dental education is a priority. We only work with young patients, and it’s our job to inform them about how to care for their teeth and mouth as they mature. The foundation of their dental knowledge begins with us and when we team-up with parents to put the effort in early, it pays in dividends for the child’s future dental health. We are dedicated to educating both our patients and their parents about the ins and outs of pediatric dental care and the right daily habits that will help prevent decay and damage. 

What can my child learn from Tiny Teeth?

At Tiny Teeth, we want your child to establish healthy habits for themselves so they can practice good habits and be proud of their positive choices from an early age. Daily brushing and flossing is a great start to strong dental hygiene habits that will carry your child through their life. During your child’s regular appointment, we ensure that our hygienists and Dr. Pagé are teaching each patient about the proper method of teeth brushing and flossing and why it’s important.

The earlier your child hears the information and is consistently and positively encouraged to practice it, the easier it will be for him/her to create the healthy habit. We will reinforce for them how important it is that they brush twice daily and floss each night before bed and will use fun ways to actually show them the best method. The most protective layer of a tooth, the enamel, is slightly less strong on primary (baby) teeth, which makes it easier for decay to begin; another reason to stress the importance of taking care of their teeth.

Decay can happen to any teeth, and brushing is the first step to preventing future decay or pain. It all starts with education. Children are curious, and it’s both our job and the role of parents to give them as much information as possible about why we do this, why toothpaste tastes as it does, and why floss is so small. We have the pleasure of dual roles—to educate your child with energy and enthusiasm and to provide you, the parent, with the correct information and guidance to give your child while at home. We have the knowledge and tips to help parents, for even the most stubborn of children, to overcome issues or resistance about teeth brushing and dental hygiene. Raising children comes with a lot of gray area and unknowns, but dental hygiene habits shouldn’t have to be one of them. At Tiny Teeth, we’re here for you!

What other educational aspects are there at Tiny Teeth?

We know that the dentist can be a scary place for both children and adults, but it might be a little less scary when the patient knows what’s happening, what that noise was, and why their mouth feels funny. We treat each child’s curiosity with respect, and let them know what’s happening and what will happen each step of the way. This takes most of the fear and the unknown out of the equation. In addition, Tiny Teeth uses advanced technology, like lasers, for many procedures, that removes much of the negative symptoms of dental treatment (like pain, drilling noise, and bleeding).


July 23, 2019


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