Dental Education

Dental Education

Dental Education

At Tiny Teeth of Dublin, dental education is a priority. We only work with children, and it’s our job to inform them about how to care for their teeth and mouth as they mature. The foundation of their dental knowledge begins with us and when we team-up with parents to put the effort in early, it can make a significant difference in the child’s future dental health. We are dedicated to educating both our patients and their parents about pediatric dental care and the right daily habits that will help prevent decay and damage.

At Tiny Teeth, we want your child to establish healthy habits for themselves so they can practice good habits and be proud of their positive choices from an early age. Daily brushing and flossing are a great baseline to excellent oral health. We recommend parental help until at least age 8. During your child’s cleaning appointment, we ensure that our hygienist and Dr. Pagé are teaching each patient about the proper method of teeth brushing and flossing and why it’s important. We will also discuss proper diet for oral health with you and your child.

We will reinforce for them how important it is that they brush twice daily and floss each night before bed and will use fun ways to show them the best methods.

We have the pleasure of dual roles—to educate your child with energy and enthusiasm and to provide you, the parent, with the correct information and guidance to give your child at home. At Tiny Teeth, we’re here for you. We understand the difficulties associated with behavior and daily oral habits.


July 23, 2019


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