Managing Erupting Teeth

Managing Erupting Teeth

Managing Erupting Teeth

An important part of a baby’s development includes the onset of their baby teeth! This, however, comes with the uncomfortable and sometimes painful process of the new teeth erupting through the gums — commonly referred to as “teething.” Our amazing staff at Tiny Teeth of Dublin is here to offer strategies to help you, as parents deal with this change for your child, and ways to help your baby, as well.

When should my infant’s teeth begin growing in?

Every child is unique, so teeth grow at different times and rates. However, your baby’s two bottom front teeth should begin growing around six months. Again, this can happen earlier or later, depending on the child. As your child continues growing, more teeth will begin to grow in. Generally, your child will have a full mouth of teeth by 16-20 months of age. This period of 10-14 months when their teeth are growing can be difficult, since the process of the teeth erupting through the gums is uncomfortable and often painful. As an infant, your child won’t be able to communicate to you what they need or feel, so we can offer help to manage some of the challenges at this difficult time. 

What can I do to ease my child’s discomfort?

There are a few things you can do to help alleviate the pain your child’s erupting teeth may cause. First, you can try rubbing your child’s gums with your finger, essentially giving them a little gum massage. This will help relieve discomfort momentarily. You can also work to keep the area cool with chilled teething toys to help relieve inflammation. Avoid giving your child frozen teething toys though, as this can damage the structure of their new teeth and jaws. Finally, if your child is having an especially hard time with teething, you can try over-the-counter infant pain reliever like Tylenol®

How do I take care of my child’s baby teeth?

Just like adult teeth! Proper care and hygiene habits should be developed as early as possible, preparing your child to have good oral health for the remainder of their life. Brushing your infant’s teeth using an infant toothpaste will help the baby teeth stay healthy as they develop. Caring for baby teeth is important because they play a vital role in the development of your child’s mouth, jaw, and facial structure. Baby teeth hold a space for adult teeth to grow, and should be cared for regularly, just like permanent teeth. 


July 23, 2019


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