Sometimes, children need an extraction (a tooth pulled) in order to relieve issues that are developmental, like when an adult tooth is growing and pushing on a baby tooth that has not fallen out yet. They may also need an extraction if they have had trauma which can lead to infection or if a cavity has reached the nerve or bone and cannot be repaired.

What’s the process of extracting baby teeth?

Dr. Pagé will numb your child’s mouth prior to the procedure, so they are as comfortable as possible. Your child may still feel pressure from the extraction. We like to explain this as pushes that your child will feel around their tooth. We will explain every step to you and your child.

Our team at Tiny Teeth of Dublin is trained to complete this procedure quickly. We offer a kid-friendly environment to reduce anxiety. Delaying an extraction could lead to more serious problems down the road.  If your child’s primary tooth is infected, it could cause discoloration, deformities, or displacement of your child’s adult tooth. We are here to help.


July 23, 2019


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