Sometimes, children need an extraction (a tooth pulled) in order to relieve issues that are purely pediatric, like when an adult tooth is growing and pushing on a baby tooth that has not fallen out yet. At Tiny Teeth of Dublin, we specialize in pediatric extractions.

Why would my child need an extraction?

As your child begins to lose their baby teeth (called primary teeth) and grow their full adult set (permanent teeth), some irregularities can occur. Sometimes, a baby tooth may not fall out naturally in time for the new tooth to begin growing in. In this case, the new tooth can begin to push against the baby tooth, which can cause pain or discomfort. In this situation, the baby tooth can be extracted, which will provide a new space for the adult tooth to grow, relieving any discomfort.

What’s the process of extracting baby teeth?

Pediatric dental extraction is a relatively simple and quick procedure. First, space is created around the tooth with a device called an “elevator.” Once this space has been created, Dr. Pagé can remove the tooth with a pair of forceps. Dr. Pagé will have numbed your child’s mouth prior to the procedure, so they will not feel a thing! The local anesthetic will only numb their mouth, so your child will be able to walk out of the appointment with only a numb mouth and a baby tooth for the Tooth Fairy!

Are extractions costly?

No, thankfully! Since extractions are a relatively simple procedure, they are not especially expensive. Our team at Tiny Teeth of Dublin is conscientious about affordable dental care. We will work with you to find the best payment plan available and we wouldn’t want a financial situation to get in the way of your child’s dental care. Delaying an extraction could lead to more serious problems down the road.  If your child’s permanent teeth are currently erupting and he/she is complaining of discomfort, give us a call today so we can see what’s going on with those pearly whites!


July 23, 2019


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