Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Fear of the dentist is a significant issue for many people, with both children and adults. Having a child that is scared of the dentist can make those biannual dentist appointments a challenge. Tiny Teeth of Dublin offers sedation dentistry for children which can help calm those nerves and fears, making your child’s dental appointment much easier to bear for all.

At Tiny Teeth of Dublin, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or general anesthesia sedation so we can cater to your child’s specific needs. We will be adding IV sedation (moderate sedation) as a need becomes apparent in our new practice.

What are the different types of Sedation Dentistry?

With deep sedation (general anesthesia), your child will sleep through the entirety of their appointment, and likely won’t remember the visit at all when they wake up. Laughing gas, or the most mild form of sedation, will simply take the edge off when your child is at their appointment. They’ll be able to relax through the appointment while still being awake, talking, and moving.


July 23, 2019


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