Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Tooth decay is a very common problem, and if it is left untreated, it can worsen and cause pain. Luckily, a quick and easy solution to minor decay exists! Fillings are a simple way to repair minor tooth decay and prevent further deterioration and more costly treatments. Here at Tiny Teeth of Dublin we use tooth-colored resin called composite.

What is a filling and what is it used for?

Fillings are made of a soft, malleable material and are used to repair small amounts of decay in teeth also known as cavities. Cavities are often found on the chewing surfaces of the teeth or between the back molars. Cavities often occur when food becomes trapped and is not removed by brushing or flossing. Fortunately, fillings can be used to fill the hole left from the decay and they can help to prevent the decay from causing further damage when they are properly cared for. Dr. Pagé considers the location and severity of a cavity in order to determine which material she will use for the filling.  She will also evaluate the severity of the decay and assess your child’s behavior to determine if using Solea laser technology vs. traditional numbing will be best for your child’s specific needs.

What happens when my child gets a filling?

If the child needs numbing, a flavored topical gel will be applied to numb the gums before the local anesthetic is used to numb the teeth. If we use laser technology and your child tolerates this well, no local anesthetic will be given. The decay will be removed, leaving a small, clean-edged area in the tooth. Dr. Pagé may place a band around the tooth and will fill the area with the filling material followed by a sealant to protect the rest of the tooth. A blue light is used to harden the filling material. If not already ideal after placement, Dr. Pagé will finish and polish the filling to match the original tooth shape and bite. If numbing is used, we will recommend a soft diet for 2-3 hours. If using laser, your child will be able to eat and drink right away.


July 23, 2019


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