Growth and Development Check

Growth and Development Check

Growth and Development Check

At Tiny Teeth of Dublin, we are all about making sure that your child’s teeth are developing and growing correctly, and providing the most comprehensive dental care possible. That’s why we do growth and development checks at each appointment to ensure your child’s mouth is growing and developing in a functional way.

We truly care about how your child is growing and want to make sure their teeth are healthy and will continue to be at every stage of life. The initial growth and development of your child’s teeth will affect their dental structure and health into adulthood.

What are the different stages my child’s teeth will go through?

Once your infant’s baby teeth start pushing through the gums between 6 and 12 months old, we recommend that they have their first dental appointment. Seeing a dentist early in the development of the teeth is essential, because baby teeth serve to hold a spot for the adult teeth that will develop a few years later. Once your child begins to lose their baby teeth and the adult teeth begin to erupt, it is important for Dr. Pagé to see your child regularly, so she can catch any potential issues before they progress. Since your child’s permanent teeth are the teeth they’ll have for the remainder of their life, it is important that their development is closely monitored. Sometimes early orthodontic intervention is necessary and we will monitor this closely for your child’s specific needs. At Tiny Teeth of Dublin, we want to address issues as early as possible so we can avoid what could become a more complicated concern.


July 23, 2019


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